Monday, May 30, 2011

Imports from overseas

This weekend I went on a tour of Europe. I'm not lying to you... it was a figurative tour, but a tour nevertheless. Because I've been trapped inside for three days I did what any sane person would do and watched a ridiculous amount of foreign films. If foreign films aren't your thing this post will also be covering food, and my favorite British dramas.


Amélie, an innocent and naive girl in Paris, with her own sense of justice, decides to help those around her and along the way, discovers love.

I nominate Amélie as feelgood movie of the year. I've only seen this movie once, but I think it was enough to know that it is my favorite movie of all time. The plot was just so clever and intricately crafted. It left me in awe, and for once if someone were to ask me what the movie was about I could tell them. Audrey Tautou does a wonderful job of portraying a quirky yet shy woman who by the end of the movie comes to terms with who she is. At some part during the movie she encounters a young man at a photo booth. She's intrigued by him, but says nothing because she's crippled by shyness. He ends up leaving behind a photo album; one of his most valuable possessions. Because Amelie has adapted "do gooder" ways, she feels compelled to return the album. Along the way she drops clues and hints about her identity but the man remains oblivious. The ending's pretty predictable, but I'll save that for you to enjoy. My explanation doesn't do the movie justice AT ALL, but if anyone's interested you can watch it here.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who in all of its entirety is a brilliant series. It's actually unbelievable how intellectual this show gets. If sci-fi's not usually your thing... I can see why you might be hesitant. I was never all too enthused about time traveling, air bending, galaxy splitting and WHAT NOT but I actually took quite a liking to Doctor Who. I think it has a bit of everything, romance, comedy, and of course sci-fi. I'm not saying you should go and netflix all thirty-one seasons but if anything watch this episode. Warning; may cause slight eye watering. "The Doctor" (aka Matt Smith, the man of my dreams) travels back into the post-impressionist time period and meets with Vincent Van Gough. I'm sure it's not wildly accurate... but the episode explores the tormented and tortured individual Van Gough was (yes he was the man who cut off his own ear). Oh and in the midst of everything Van Gough and The Doctor battle off a space bird demon.

Croque Monsieur

Now my cooking skills are nothing to brag about. I think it's successful when I can break an egg without getting the shells in the yolk, or when I'm baking a cake I don't mix the salt with sugar (that was a disaster). "I just froze some grapes. That's as involved as my cooking gets these days" this explains my life so well. Anyways today I decided to get fancy and bake myself a croque monsieur. In other words, it's basically grilled cheese and ham sandwich, BUT BETTER. Though my sandwich looked nothing like the one pictured above... I like to imagine they both tasted equally as satisfying. Recipe


  1. Definitely gonna check out Amélie and I WANT to watch Doctor Who but yeah I don't know about it yet. haha!(:

  2. Amelie is the feel good movie of the year - which year though? It came out in 2001.