Friday, June 3, 2011

Sometimes I wing it

There's only one word that describes my life as of late, which is weird. Now it only makes sense that I would follow up a sentence like that with some sort of explanation, but no I'll just leave it at that. I have a love hate relationship with June. June's a fairly solid month... It's hot, and humid but overall I don't mind the weather. What I'm referring to is school in June. Lately all I've been doing is watching movies, or listening to my ipod during class. Cyrano de Bergerac anyone? There's absolutely nothing wrong with this, other then it being a HUGE WASTE OF MY TIME. Hello... these are potential summer days I could be talking about. Sure we have the occasional test or quiz, but really I "CBA" (couldn't be arsed). I'm used to just "winging" things these days. "Oh so we have a presentation today?" = time to test out my improvisation skills. The producers in Hollywood made a movie about my life, it's called "The Art of Getting By". Just kidding... unfortunately it's only the film title that pertains to me. IF ANYTHING the only Emma Roberts movie that does somewhat of an accurate depiction of my life would be "It's Kind of a Funny Story". Let's hear it for suicidal/manic depressive teenagers!1

I look stupid today. My hair looks stupid. I'm getting a haircut tomorrow.
I'm disappointed that this new salon doesn't give you free chocolate chip cookies. The place I go to now gives me a better cut, but no food. IS IT BETTER TO LOOK GOOD, OR GET FREE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. These are the issues I struggle with... My life is so hard.

Now it wouldn't be a proper blogpost if I didn't share a video with you. That's my blogging formula. Rant about day + Gratuitous self portrait + Video = Decent. If I had any guts or courage I think I'd like to do something like this. A man braves the streets of New York, and asks pedestrians what they're listening to on their mp3/ipod.

Dude Stops People Wearing Headphones To Ask What They’re Listening To « Thought Catalog
Upon seeing the title of this video I expected it to be some kind of lightly malicious, funny video in which passersby were somewhat harassed and annoyed by a juvenile sort of prank, but it actually turns out to be quite smile-inducing. It’s cute to see people grin sheepishly and ‘admit’ to what’s on their headphones, while others’ matter-of-fact reactions give an insight into their lives – who they really are and how they’re, at that moment, perceiving the world around them.

I'll make a better post tomorrow. I'll try to look more attractive or something. It'll be a struggle, but it's a challenge I'm willing to accept. It's that or I suddenly become more interesting... WHICH IS NOT HAPPENING.

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