Sunday, May 22, 2011

Winking is sleezy, but it turns me on

I'm always playing this game with myself. The "let's see how long I can go without starting my homework game". I bet most of you are familiar with it? The rules are as follows; go as long as you can without doing your homework, you score bonus points if you start the assignment the day it's due. I am such a winner. Some days I seriously question how I'm going to survive once I reach college... Other than this English paper that's been looming over my head for weeks, I've been good. It's been a solid weekend. My friends and I went about town last night where we practiced our A+ high quality winking skills. Don't laugh. Winking is an art that can only be perfected through copious amounts of practice and observation. I for one am a winking connoisseur. Yes because the ability to blink one of your eyes in a suggestive manner is certainly something to brag about... Unfortunately I wasn't able to put my skill to the test last night, because I lack both the self confidence and courage. Besides I get heat flashes and my heart starts palpitating at the thought of the conversation that might ensue after the "initial wink". It could range from "hey little girl, get in my pants" or "you are insanely creepy, stop doing that with your face", "are you okay? I thought for a moment you were undergoing a seizure". Those are all conversations I do not wish to have because they are all far too awkward and uncomfortable even for me.

If I'm lucky the next two weeks should go by quickly. Us Americans have a holiday in commemoration of all the people who have lost their lives in war. I think the core meaning of Memorial Day gets lost in translation... because somewhere along the lines Memorial Day translates into "BEACH, THREE DAY WEEKEND, NO SCHOOL LOL, SALES". I'm not here to knock those people, because I am as guilty as charged. I just think a little acknowledgement would be nice. Either that weekend or the following weekend I hope to travel up to New York. I'll most likely see Miwa again, and may possibly even stay with her for a night. WORDS CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW MUCH THIS EXCITES ME, AND NO NOT SEXUALLY. I have no idea what we'll be doing, but it'll probably involve a lot of Pinkberry and Metro tickets.

Also your requests have been answered. Here's another downloadable playlist. You can pretend that I'm an attractive male teenager and that this is a mixed-tape with a collection of songs that remind me of you. These songs all convey hidden meanings that explain my un-dying love. Clearly I watch too many movies... but we can all dream yes? "BROTIP"; Mixed Cd's never go out of style. Make a girl one, you're percentage of rejection will decrease exponentially.

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