Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pirates and record players

Woah, this weekend has been a whirlwind. For starters... I'm finally finished with history class. I took the AP exam yesterday. To save you the awkward small talk, I'll just cut to the chase and tell you that it went pretty okay. I mean minus the fact that I got my Louis' mixed up in my essay. Louis XIV, Louis XVI... YOU'RE ALL THE SAME TO ME. Oh well, at least I'm done. If I have to see another Euro history text book I think I'll light myself on fire. Later that night, after I had revived myself I went over to a friends house and we all watched Pirates of the Caribbean. There's nothing that gets my heart racing like the Pirates theme song. There's no denying that, that is some epic shit. Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt are such talented composers. I'm in awe. I recently found out that a fourth movie is in the making? WHY. Completely unnecessary if you ask me. Johnny Depp's still Jack Sparrow, so I guess I'll be watching it regardless.

I wore this outfit out to dinner tonight. I promise it looks longer standing up... that didn't stop my mother from yelling "YOU LOOK LIKE A FRENCH WHORE" as I was running out to the car. She loves me.

Then today I visited town with a couple of my friends. We went dress shopping, got frozen yogurt, and attempted to find perfect last minute mother's day gifts. This vintage jewelry shop had all these really intricate necklaces, but I couldn't really find anything. Most likely due to the fact that I'm extremely cheap and classify anything over $10's a splurge. I ran into the music store and stumbled upon The Beatles "Abbey Road" album. Instant mother's day present. My Sunday was saved. My mother is the product of the 60's. It's scientifically proven that all flower children love The Beatles... but then again, who doesn't?

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  1. oh my good lord leah, you are gobstoppingly beautiful, and you take such lovely pictures. :3
    that dress is super cute too, where is it from?