Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's always raining when we get there

Okay it can just keep raining... that's fine mother nature, it's cool. If I had a line-graph that marked my productivity, this weekend would without a doubt be at the very bottom. While the majority of my class spent last night downing shots of vodka and snorting miscellaneous drugs off each others backs. I spent the evening inside watching Doctor Who re-runs and made a pitiful attempt in relearning the guitar. It's your personal preference, but I've never done drugs or have ever drunken alcohol. The only time I've ever purposely snorted anything up my nose was when I was four. The logic of a four year old... if I can breathe through my mouth and eat through my mouth, and if I can breath my my nose well then HEY EPIPHANY I can eat through my nose too. Then I proceeded to snort apple juice through my nostrils, that went swimmingly. Transitive property, you've failed me.

My sister loves being my personal photographer. Sarcastic emphasis on the "loves". It's a struggle every time I want to get a blog post up. "Hey, so... wanna go take pictures?" "Can't" "But you're not even doing anything..." "I'm watching Justin Bieber, go away" "But I'll give you something" "Fine, but it better not be food" "Deal, let's go". I've reduced myself to BRIBERY. Today was great, mid picture session it started to pour. So here we are, my sister and I huddled under one lone umbrella. The tension was ridiculous. I could actually feel the anger emanating from her body. I did the practical and reasonable thing one would do in this situation... and started to laugh. She hates me.

On Friday I managed to get some successful bargain hunting done. My friends and I went to DSW where I found these shoes for ten dollars. Originally eighty, which then reduced to forty but since they had a red sticker I could take an extra 70% off. To say I was ecstatic would be a severe understatement. Then on Saturday my mother took me to a vintage furniture shop. She's been hankering for a coat hanger for years now... Sadly no coat hangers were to be found, but I did find an extremely obscure looking camera. Two words, obscure and camera... I'M DOWN. Hoho, that reference wasn't obvious or anything. Anyways, I found this camera (a Brownie Hawkeye to be specific) and I nearly had to fight off an elderly man for it. Apparently this camera holds sentimental value for the elderly generation. It's understandable. I suppose it would be equivalent to a little kid buying a gameboy color at a flea market fifty years down the road. That scenarios different because If I fought the little kid I'd win... I'm awful. It's MY HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION, I DO WHAT I WANT. I plan on buying film for it sometime soon. We'll see what kind of pictures it produces. I'm not expecting anything too extravagant, mediocre quality at best, but hey I've learned to lower my standards.


  1. New reader! Your blog is lovely, and I love the pictures *O* you look gorgeous~ ^^

  2. your shorts are sweet! are they DIY?

  3. Yes they are! Thank you :)