Thursday, May 19, 2011

50% Chance of scattered thunderstorms

Okay, so I don't actually believe all this May 21st "Judgement day" nonsense. Though if tomorrow were to be my very last day on this planet, it would only make sense to go out with a bang. Hence the phrase, "live each day as if it was your last". Tomorrow I'm heading into Philadelphia to see Panic at the Disco and Fun preform at Festival Pier. It's apparently going to pour, "50% chance of thunderstorms". Rain or shine the show's going on... I'm thrilled. Personally I'm more of a Fun fan... but there's no denying my undying attraction for PATD frontman Brendon Urie. My reaction to their collaborative single C'mon was a mixture of "OH MY GOD" and I THINK I NEED TO CHANGE PANTS because my bodily functions couldn't handle the extremity of this event. Though I have no idea how I'm going to make it through the end of tomorrow. The concert starts at 5:30, and isn't over until 11:00. If I had a heart monitor my body would probably register a flatline because I'm going have as much energy as a corpse coming home. Redbulls anyone?

I'm here to repair that empty feeling inside your soul with what can only be filled by the heavenly and gravity defying sounds of Bon Iver. If you really want to rack up some easy points on the pretentious scale, you can do all the hipsters a favor by pronouncing his name as such "BOhn E-vair". Don't ask me when that will come in handy. You can download the full album here. Caution; heaven will invade your speakers.

EF - Live The Language - Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo.

So when can I travel to Paris? HAHA, okay Leah and by what means of communication do you hope to navigate your way around. Alright I admit my French isn't exactly up to par, but I do know how to order food and ask where restrooms are. What more could you ask for? My conversational skills are basic at best. Then again I don't talk much, so perhaps that would work in my favor. My catchphrase throughout my entire schooling years = je ne comprends pas. Yes my vast foreign language skills are extremely impressive. Feel inferior. This summer I may possibly be doing a French exchange student program. The student would be staying with me of course. I would hope that with that experience my French would improve somewhat. I just don't if I could bear the responsibility of corrupting some poor girls mind.

Blog update; About me page is fully functional. Oh yes, I image map like it's my job.


  1. i'm actually seeing them on tuesday in nyc. it should be sick!

  2. I can't wait! Hopefully you'll take some good pictures or videos :)

  3. Gorgeous outfit, and Bon Iver's new album is so amazing!

  4. Hello Leah! My name is Yagmur and I’m part of the EF video team. I was happy to see our “Live the Language” films on your blog. This weekend we posted 3 more films in the same series, from Sydney, Vancouver and Los Angeles, which we produced together with the same creative team. This time we added some color in the graphics and played around more with sound effects. Check them out at - or if you prefer Vimeo:

  5. Hello, thank you for a nice blog! Now there is a new ‘Live the language’ video where the girl travels to several countries – and also travels THROUGH TIME :)
    Watch it on YouTube or on Vimeo
    Hedvig @EF