Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Indian Summer

And this is what a classy hooker looks like. Just kidding. I tend to do a lot of that in this blog. As you can see I don't take myself very seriously... Note to self; stop referring to yourself as a prostitute/hooker, people will start approaching you with an open wallet and asking for a "happy ending". Like that man on the bus... ANYWAYS, sorry I haven't been as consistent. My life has been extremely dull lately. There's more activity in Antarctica. What's that? No one lives in Antarctica? Exactly. We're having an "Art Exhibition" at school, and two of my photographs are being featured.

Picture A

Picture B
Mostly everyone's already seen this picture. It just looks out of place with the "FLOW" of today's entry. So if anyone's curious you can click the link. That picture though was a pain in the ass to take. I dragged a full length mirror into the forest. Never again.

That's all well and good. I ended up finding a job for this summer, and no disappointingly not at the bakery... I liked that bakery too. It was filled with puns. Entitled "PURE BREAD" all the sandwiches were named after breeds of dogs (pure bred). I don't know, I thought it was clever. Instead of learning the art of pastries I'm going to spend my summer caring for a six year old girl. Now this might surprise you... or not but I actually don't mind kids. I like that they're honest. I worked at a camp this summer as a counselor and this little boy said to me "what's wrong with your face" to that I replied "nothing" his response was "oh" and then he walked away. OKAY THEN, It's fine you don't need to spare my feelings.

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs (Official Video) from City Slang on Vimeo.

Teenage angst.


  1. Gorgeous pictures and I adore your outfit. <3

  2. i'm a counselor this summer also. except my little children lie constantly. haha they always think they can get away with it too.

  3. leah, you are such a cutie it is unreal
    <3 xxx.

  4. A disappointing lack of Jonsi and/or Alex in this post.