Monday, April 18, 2011

Polar Bears in Central Park

Yesterday was a blast. The weather was perfect and New York was wonderful as always. Knowing the kind of person I am the last place you'd expect to find me would be the zoo, but LOW AND BEHOLD Miwa and I started our day off in the Central Park Zoo. Unfortunately all the exotic and cool animals decided to be assholes and stayed nestled away in their caves. Everyone kept on crowding around the Polar Bear exhibit, trying to rouse the bear out of his slumber. He wasn't having any of that and continued to sleep. I don't blame him. Having screaming little children tap away at my face, or having someone flash their camera constantly in my eyes doesn't sound the most appealing. Welp, at least we saw ducks and penguins.

Onward bound to Soho. Soho might possibly be my favorite part of the city. In my opinion at least... it has the best clothing stores and amazing food. Incidentally it is also the most expensive district. Every time I go to New York I make sure to hit Topshop. It's a British company so there aren't too many here in the US. Miwa and I mainly just walk through the store crying over the ridiculously over priced clothing. $120.00 for strawberry print pants. Oh no big deal.

(All pictures were taken by me; Canon 500D, 50mm)

Then we proceeded to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I swear I felt my intelligence level increase just by being in that building. You just sound so refined and sophisticated, "Oh where are you girls going?" "Oh you know just the 'Met'" (insert hair flip). They have a beautiful impressionist gallery. We saw paintings by Renoir, Courbet, Bastida, and Degas my absolute favorite. Then we headed over to the modern art. You would hear comments like "I could do that!", "That reminds me of something my five year old son could paint" quite frequently in that section... Oh Jackson Pollock, what a guy. I really enjoyed the photography gallery. Landscape with Houses and Decide Who You Are were my favorite compositions from that collection. The first picture is actually a photograph of module houses Casebere crafted. The lighting was so perfect and realistic. The second image was composed of primarily text "Courier New" specifically. How hipster. Well actually as it was made prior to the invention of computers I think it's safe to say that the text was from an actual type writer.

We finished our day at Grand Central Station. We walked a total 50 blocks that day. Are you impressed yet? THAT IS THE EQUIVALENT TO THE EXERCISE I GET IN A YEAR, well apart from when I shovel my driveway or something. Needless to say I had as much energy in my body as the polar bear at the zoo.

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  1. Dear Leah, I did not know you were such an amazing photographer. Please keep posting more of your pictures, they're lovely. n_n and now i want to go to NYC more than ever! ^-^