Friday, April 22, 2011

A rainy day in the city.

Today officially marks the end of my spring break, which means come Monday I will be forever miserable once again. So to commemorate the last day, I took a train up to Philadelphia. As for those who aren't familiar with Philadelphia think of it as New York City's geeky and socially awkward cousin. It doesn't possess nearly the same magnitude as NYC "attraction" and "store wise", but it makes up for itself in historical value which must count for something... After all our country's constitution was signed here.

We stopped at a local flea market, and who knew they make individual nutella packets. Is that not the most glorious and wonderful thing you have ever seen?

After browsing a couple thrift stores, I found the most beautiful shoes. I felt like I could walk to Emerald city in these. TOO BAD they were a size too big and about $100 over my price limit. Oh believe me, on the inside I was crying.

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