Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boring day was boring.

Apparently I have tons of coursework I should have been working on. I have an English Book analysis paper due next Friday, a French quiz this Monday, a math packet, and tons of history to catch up on. Logarithms anyone? As you can see I've been studying a lot /sarcasm. Studying as in Tumblr, facebook, and movie watching. Oh yeah, I love my life. We got our schedules for next year. I am actually going to kill myself.

I also saw my friends today. We all went out for dinner, and saw a movie. It was cute. Ha, I know you're all surprised but I actually have friends outside the internet. It's weird I know.

If blogspot wasn't such a d I'd have my about me page up, but for some reason I can't create pages? AWESOME.


  1. may i ask what kind of camera you have? :) it takes lovely pictures

  2. A Canon 500D! Thank you n_n