Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If all else fails become a prostitute.

Okay, so far we're four for four. I've started this blog four days ago and I've actually managed to construct four posts (some more grammatically incorrect than others...). LOL wouldn't it be funny if I actually came through with my promises.

I'm sorry in advance for the slutty cut of this dress. Let's just pretend that my cleavage isn't hanging out in half of these pictures. Okay, great.

Today was relatively eventful. We went to the supermarket and I got the materials for butterbeer cupcakes, which I have to say turned out fantastically. The man at the sushi counter gave me free sushi which was nice. Probably due to the fact that I looked like a raging whore today... Jokes. OH WELL, who I am to deny free sushi? Then I finally got my glasses tightened. Well they're my father's 'old' glasses, but we share the same prescription incidentally enough. So if I ever feel like looking like a pretentious douche bag I think I'll wear them out. Oh and I also dropped off my job applications. The people said that they'll review my resume and give me a call if I was needed. So you may or may not be looking at a newly hired bakery saleswoman/waitress/hostess/cashier. HEY, we all have to start somewhere right? The downside of being broke. Le sigh.

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