Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am a mental, and phyiscal blob

Welcome to the night program I like to refer to as "The Biggest Loser; Leah Edition". For anyone just tuning in, I'll give you the gist of the show. It's about a girl who spent her summer bumming around indoors. Due to the lack of fresh air and sunshine, she turned into an extremely undesirable blob. If you've seen Spirited Away, think No Face. Does that sound interesting or what? I need some excitement in my life. EMPHASIS on the need. You would think that I of all people would enjoy doing nothing. I enjoy doing nothing... when I have something important I should be doing. That doesn't make any sense. Okay. What I'm saying... is that I essentially have nothing that I should be procrastinating. Normally I'd be putting off papers or projects, but nope. So far I've watched all of season one of Lizzie Mcquire. I think that's something I should be embarrassed of. But I feel that if you're reading this, then we're on that level where I can tell you personal things. Though this relationship does seem a little one sided... Whatever, I had fun reminiscing. That show shaped my childhood.

I went to the mall today, with one of my friends. I'm pretty sure I spent the same amount of money I did on clothing, as I did on food. I bought the sweater pictured below. I liked the elbow padding. For some reason, I thought it gave off a very equestrian vibe. Then we were walking to get lunch, and we passed by a chocolate shop. I'm ashamed of my self control, or lack of... I apparently have no portion judgement, because I bought half a pound of peanut butter/chocolate fudge. It looked a lot smaller in my mind, but don't worry about it. It'll be gone in a couple days... I came home and went running. Go me. One day down, sixty more to go.

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