Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You are a tourist (part 3)

Last stop Williamsburg, Brooklyn. When I tell you that this place was swarming with hipsters, that is no exaggeration. Clad in collared shirts and vintage eye wear, this group of people takes their thrifting very seriously. I was beyond overwhelmed. The flea market boasting over sixty tents, I had no idea where to begin.

Who doesn't like a little entertainment? After checking out the Brooklyn clientele I was seriously questioning why my residence is in Pennslyvania. The pictures hardly do this place justice, but I can safely say that Williamsburg is home to some of the most attractive people I HAVE EVER SEEN. There were too many inter-racial couples to go unnoticed. I swear EVERYONE had an Asian girlfriend, or maybe that was just my wistful thinking... It was like Micheal Cera's life in Paper Heart. There's no reason to get my hopes up because if I had a pie chart to represent all the men who have hit on me it would look like this.

At this particular moment if I could have wished for anything, it would have been a bottomless bag. I wanted to buy everything in sight. Curse my empty wallet and less than sturdy suitcase. I did manage to pick up two records, a Polaroid camera, and a pair of shorts. I have no idea what one of the records is. I THOUGHT I was buying one by Billie Holiday, but it turns out that the record was in the wrong casing. THAT'S FINE. OKAY. The other one I purchased is by The Who.

All pictures were taken by me; Canon T1i 50 MM Lens

Walking back to the subway station we passed a lot of open cafe's and restaurants. The last time I ventured to Brooklyn, it seemed really dead and uneventful. I think I was just in the wrong part of town because there's actually a lot to do here. Join me on a hypothetical date. We can sip red wine over the faint but audible sounds of the guitar. We can discuss fine literature, and independent films. It'll be the most pretentious date you've never been on. I'll explore more next time. My father and I had to hurry back to Penn Station to catch our 5:00 train back to Pennslyvania. My flickr apologizes for its projectile vomit all over your computer screen. Because I didn't want to lag your browser TOO BAD... the rest of the pictures can be seen here.


  1. It's coming! The series isn't in sequential order.

  2. Gahhh, I am so jelly! These pictures make my love for New York even bigger. ♥

  3. oh my, you probably know my love for new york. i'm pretty much dying in my chair right now drooling at your photos of brooklyn!