Friday, June 24, 2011

An ode to summer

You've just observed me in my natural habitat. Me, in my bed... What's new. You can see that nothing's really changed since we've last spoke. But this is me being a responsible individual, and taking the blame for my lazy blogging. As it's finally SUMMER there are no tests, homework, or papers that should hinder my ability to churn out some half-ass posts. I got my report card back today. For not studying I did surprisingly better than I had thought on my finals. I knew my "f this, f that" attitude would someday be rewarded... I have two glorious months ahead of me before I have to return to the horror that is school. Within these months I hope to;
  • Loose five pounds
  • Get a running regime going
  • Possibly dye my hair
  • DIY a lot of clothing
  • -shorts -shoes
  • Eat a lot of ice cream (possibly conflicting with number 1 of my list)
  • Read as many books as I can
  • Do something exciting for my 16th birthday
  • Go to Bryant Park summer film festivals
  • Shoot at least 5 rolls of film
  • Go to the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 12:00 premiere

It's weird knowing that I can actually afford to buying things. The feeling of not being broke is pretty liberating. As I finally have a real job. Except I've gotten to the point where I'm about to buy something and then I pause and go "this shirt is three hours of hard manual labor, IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?" and then I put it back. I value money so much more now... At this rate I'll never buy anything again.

Because here are Occasionally Leah you know I only provide you with the best of the best... Compiled here are what I think are some pretty jam-worthy songs. You may beg to differ, but if anyone's interested you can download the playlist here.

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