Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Super Kawaii"

If we were to compare the level of excitement I felt upon receiving this package to an earthquake, I would have scored a perfect ten on the Richter scale. Call me easily excited, but my heart starts preforming all these strange acrobatics at the sound of the mail delivery truck. Often though I'm disappointed to find that the parcel turns out to be for another member of my family. I know who knew? Sometimes I actually forget that I live with other people... For instance last week after tearing through several boxes I was pretty disgruntled to find a "replacement blender blade", "three packs of shoelaces", and a set of "eco-friendly bamboo napkin holders". Clearly my mother had just discovered the beauty that is because realistically speaking where else could you have purchased all of those items IN THE SAME ORDER?

However the contents of this particular package made me feel as if I had just taken a vacation in Tokyo but without all the jet lag. Thirty layers of wrapping paper later... I opened the box and it was like one big Asian explosion (please ignore the fact that that sounds like a porn title). THIS IS NOT THAT KIND OF BLOG. Anyways aside from the delicious assortment of candy I particularly enjoyed the Daria DVD set, and the Spirited Away film strips. If I were to embody my personality into a two dimensional figure I would undoubtedly pick Daria Morgendorffer. Her warm, and friendly personality just reminds me so much of myself. Here are some of my favorite quotes, but you can catch the rest of the highlights here.
Haven't you ever heard the expression get the hell away from me?
I don't have low self esteem. I have low esteem for everyone else.
I owe all my thanks and gratitude to Miwa (as if you already didn't know). There's only one thing or food entrée that can really express my love for her or you, and that something is blue cheese pasta.

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