Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reverse Robinhood - Thrifting 101

This post is a clear indicative that I have become a sell out. I've tried my best to fight off this serious disease but I have finally fallen ill to the hipster pandemic. After coming across this video made by StrummingSally, Pennsylvania's very own "thrifting connoisseur" I was inspired to do a little of my own secondhand shopping. My parents seemed fairly put off at my my request to drive me to Goodwill. They were all like "oh yeah Leah remind me while you're there that I need to go pickup this weeks food stamps" Ha. Good one. After much convincing my father drove me over to our local Goodwill. Apart from dropping things off, I have never actually been inside a charity shop. I'm pretty sure that a couple years ago I would have found the idea of wearing somebody else's used clothing revolting. Let's just say that between now and then I've become more open minded and that upon entering high school my hygienic standards have decreased significantly.

I came in with reasonably low standards. I'm not sure as to what I had envisioned but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The store was moderately large in size and was evenly stocked. There was a home good section, children's department, and of course a men and women's. I was hoping that I'd find an old camera, but no such luck. They did however have a pretty impressive record collection. I figured that I'd save that for another trip and started looking for clothing. After scouring the racks I found a t-shirt, sweater, leather purse, and a velvet skirt. The velvet skirt's a work in progress by the way. I'm taking it to get hemmed this Wednesday. I'm not planning to move out to Lancaster with the Amish just yet... I was feeling most proud of myself when the sales lady told me that all my items came to a total of $13.49. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I want to find ways in which I can work my thriftiness into a casual conversation: "Guess just guess how much my sweater cost. I bet you can't. Okay I'll tell you... $3.50 ARE YOU IMPRESSED YET?" Knowing how cheap I am I'm surprised I didn't discover this gold mine sooner. If this post inspired anyone to channel their inner penny pitcher you can find your local goodwill here.

- Happy thrifting

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