Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Wars

I'll give you some time to catch your breath. You must have fallen off your chair when you saw that I uploaded yet another blog post. We're nearing the end of August and all I have to show for it is seven measly blog entries. I know when I first started this blog I had promised three posts a week... and we can all see how well that turned out. Role playing 101. I'll be the workaholic and neglectful parent, and you can play the role of the attention craving child. My job will require me to go on long and frequent business trips. I'll leave you for weeks on end. It'll leave you wondering if I even care about you at all. When I finally return I'll be sincere and apologetic. I'll shower you with lavish gifts and presents. We'll reminisce and catch up. I'll marvel at how much taller you've grown and remark that you're growing into a fine and mature individual. We'll become inseparable, but one day you'll wake up and I'll be gone. You'll feel disappointed and let down, but in the end you'll know I'll always be back. And that was my childhood summed up in a paragraph. Just kidding. My mother's too overbearing for something like that to ever occur. I'll be the first to admit that I'm just really lazy and unmotivated. I'm running out of topics here! Soon all this blog's going to be is me talking about my life "IN DEPTH" and all my problems.
Day 236; I got a splinter in wood shop and had a lettuce and turkey sandwich.
OH GOD. We really can't have that.
The weekend before school starts the entire east coast goes on "red alert" on hurricane watch. Fantastic. As of late I feel like my home has transformed into a super market. My mother, paranoid as she is had our family run out and purchase enough food and water supply to last us at least a year. To show my appreciation for anyone that reads this blog I can have a trail mix / dried berry giveaway. I'll even throw in a bonus 12 oz water bottle. There are no limits to my generosity. If I cross my fingers perhaps they'll postpone school til Tuesday. Even if that would mean me losing my power... and more importantly my internet connection. Perish the thought. Hopefully my house survives. I don't want a Wizard of Oz reenactment.
Things I will be doing when my power goes out
1. Playing Sims3
2. Finish reading "When You Are Engulfed in Flames"
3. Practicing guitar
4. Finishing Daria (all seasons)
5. Clean my room
6. Watch Requiem for a Dream

Previous questions
1. Where is your swan shirt from? ; H&M
2. What kind of Doc Martens do you have? ; Nappa Black size 4 UK/6 US
3. Do you have hair extensions? ; Yes. Clip in shit ones. Buy them at Sally's beauty for 10 dollars.

ps. my dad finds this skirt highly offensive and inappropriate.


  1. Woah, you're so pretty c: btw. where did you get that skirt?

  2. This skirt is incredibly amazing! :)

  3. i saw you on lookbook and i NEED to know where that skirt is from. I am in love with it, despite your dad's (and probably my dad's if I ever get my hands on one) concerns.

    LOVE IT!

  4. Oh my goodness. This skirt is amazing reminds me of those print clothes from the 90's! Following :) x

  5. thanks for the comment, you're incredibly beautiful btw! xx

  6. Um what the fuck can you please tell me where that skirt is from!?? THAT IS AN AMAZING SKIRT.

    Also I love the little fishes swimming around on your page haha so amusing.