Sunday, April 8, 2012


To further perpetuate the "spring holiday" spirit, I thought I'd recreate the awkward family dinner atmosphere right here on my blog. Because I, like your distant relatives, haven't made an appearance in your life in months. You'll be playing the role of: the inappropriate grandparent, the creepy overly-friendly uncle, the cooler than you/less cooler than you cousin, and the seemingly endearing and "normal" aunt. You can then proceed to drill me with questions pertaining to school, my personal life, etc...

Q: Where have you been the last couple of months?
A: My absence was most likely due to a conglomeration of 1. My unforgivable laziness, 2. Standardized Testing/School, 3. Work, 4. My unforgivable laziness, 5. Work, 6. My blossoming social life (I've learned that venturing outside of your room once in a while, won't actually kill you).

Q: Are you going to prom? PROM? PROOOOOOMMMMM?
A: Nope. My hatred for public embarrassment, in combination with my lack of dancing abilities have led me to the conclusion that I would have hated Prom. I've still yet to live down the horror that was my grade 8 dance. Every once in a while someone will reenact my dance moves circa 2008, in which apparently I resembled a limp palm tree. As an alternative, a couple of friends and I are going into the city where we can participate in our own equally as fulfilling ~ shenanigans ~.

Q: What are your summer plans?
A: Possibly visiting up North, and out West. Specifically, Canada, California, and Boston.


This weekend, my family and I took a trip up to Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan. As my luck would have it, today was the opening day of the Brooklyn Flea Market, which I mentioned before in this post. If it's old, used, and doesn't reek of moth balls and must, chances are... I'll buy it. Though my family left empty handed, I ended up buying a pair of shorts. The best part about these type of events is watching the crowds of people. I've never seen a more impressive display of facial hair, than in Brooklyn, New York.

I purchased quite a bit of things, but I'll cover that in tomorrow's post. Somehow before the weekend's up, I need to fit in three blog posts. I have to make up for lost time, so wish me god speed.

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