Saturday, October 1, 2011

Love Child

I really contemplated starting this post out with "IT'S BEEN A WHILE", as that seems to be my go to phrase lately, but I thought that I should conjure up a bit more originality. Sorry for my "basically" month long absence. It's evident that I lack the ability to stick to commitments. I have appointed myself Queen of Procrastination/Excuse-land. In a feeble attempt to regulate steady blog posts, I've decided to systematically schedule my entries. You heard it here first folks... I hereby promise that every Wednesday I will update you with the rambling boring nonsense that is my life.

To put it simply, I love Zooey Deschanel. I know what you're thinking, "OKAY LEAH, just hop on the hipster bandwagon you little try hard asshole." Okay fair enough, but once you watch the New Girl you'll see why this claim is totally justifiable. Her character "Jess" is essentially the same as Summer (500 Days of Summer). They both retain the same style, appearance, and general personality. The only difference is that Jess is slightly more eccentric and vulnerable, whereas Summer turned out to be a massive bitch. Because I fail at the art of persuasion, this paragraph probably did nothing to convince you that Zooey Deschanel is "positively perfect in every way" and that New Girl is a show you should consider watching. Which is why you should read this. It probably also doesn't hurt that the theme song is ridiculously catchy and upon hearing it you will want to skip down your driveway and whistle. You can watch the first two episodes here, and here.

I find this picture hilarious because to me it looks like one of those cheesy school photos that you take at the beginning of each year. The picture with "Paris in the spring time", "Fall Harvest", or "Tropical Breeze" as options for the backdrop. The picture that your parents hang up on their refrigerator and then proceed to mail a copy to every one of your relatives, distant included.

These Floral Doc Martens embody the 60's era to a T. I feel like I should start wearing bell bottoms and peasant shirts, and start growing my hair down to my knees. When I wear these shoes, you can do no wrong because I love everyone. ELE.

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