Monday, September 5, 2011

Raconte-moi une Histoire

As a reward for completing the first week of school unscathed, my friend and I decided to go to Philadelphia. Now outside of exploring the city from a "touristy" perspective, I've never really given it much of a chance. The Constitution Center, The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall are in retrospect all very enjoyable places... if you're a history buff or my parents. I personally am not interested. Maybe this is one of those "coming of age" things and I'll suddenly find myself at age thirty, on a Saturday night sipping wine while watching documentaries on the history channel. My friend Judy and I walked around the quieter more suburban areas of Philadelphia. We went to two thrift stores. One was an AIDS profited charity store, while the other catered to a more pricey and selective clientele. Upon entering the first shop we were offered a free variety pack of condoms. My curiosity almost got the better of me, but I politely declined. I mean I heard condoms only have a shelf life of a couple years and at my impressive total of zero sexual partners I didn't think I'd be needing them anytime soon. I bought the two sweaters pictured below along with two blouses, a cardigan, and a purse. All under fifty dollars. I'm rubbing my frugality in your face and I apologize.

I didn't buy this shirt, but I was tempted. I wanted to attach pom poms at each point, and debut as an elf for Halloween.
In other news I got a job as a hostess at a Chinese restaurant. I have to work with what I have, and in that case it's being Asian. That and having personal relations with the family that owns the restaurant. Also this weekend I had my first personal experience with a stalker. It was flattering, but I'm still slightly creeped out.

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